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Road rage: A growing problem

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Texas officials have been noticing a stark increase in the number of accidents that are a result of road rage incidents. Most of us have witnessed events of road rage where drivers lose their tempers and use their vehicles as a means of venting their frustrations. Racing, tailgating, speeding, flashings lights and honking are just some forms of this behavior.

Hurtful behaviors that cause accidents

Car accidents caused by road rage can happen under many different circumstances. Dangerous maneuvers top the list as the most common culprit of road rage accidents. When a driver makes a dangerous maneuver, they not only put themselves at risk but endanger occupants of other vehicles. Some common dangerous roadway maneuvers include quickly slowing down, crowding a lane, speeding up and making sudden lane changes.

Apart from dangerous maneuvers, those with road rage will use other tactics of annoyance that will distract other drivers. These distractions can be in the form of verbalizing anger, like screaming and cursing. They can also be in the form of physical actions like banging on the side of their car or using obscene gestures. Some of the more intentional actions created to cause annoyance are relentless honking, flashing bright lights and revving engines.

Factors that contribute to road rage

It has been found that there are some key factors that lead to actions of road rage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has named four major factors that contribute to road rage behavior. These include traffic congestion, lack of time, self-centeredness and cloak of anonymity.

Road rage continues to be a growing problem for many drivers. With a constant rush in our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that people are working on a short fuse. By understanding some of the most common contributing factors to road rage, everyone can work to help reduce the number of accidents each year.