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An overview of admiralty court

Texas residents often do not understand that occurrences on the high seas away from coastal jurisdictions are not governed by common law. Common law applies to occurrences on land, and all cases are handled per the allowances and restrictions of statutes established...

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Before speaking with an estate lawyer

Probate in Texas could leave your estate in the hands of a public court. Devising a strategy to overcome the limits of probate is what professional attorneys do. The clauses and provisions designed to disburse your assets are complicated at times. When you also face...

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Drug product defects in Texas

The FDA's Office of Pharmaceutical Quality, or OPQ, covers product defects with drugs and medications. From 2016 to 2020, the OPQ found that 27% of the product complaints were quality issues. A third of the complaints were a combination of device and packaging issues....

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Developments in maritime law in 2021

Maritime law often involves working with international organizations. Here are current events regarding new developments in technology, regulation, and enforcement that could impact Texas residents who work in maritime occupations. International developments The...

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